Razmataz Fashion Contest

I am a fool for photo contests. I have entered dozens and dozens of them. I think If i was honest with myself, its because I like seeing myself in photos and the contests give me a good excuse to ham and mug for more pictures. I am not a bad looking guy and my photography skills are well honed. I have a good eye for composition and style.  You would think that I would have at least a fair chance at some of these contests.

I have not won a single one yet.

There are so many variables and details, clearly I am not yet a contest master. That or Second Life is just messing with me.
Take my latest effort as an example.

The Razmataz Contest.

All photos will be viewed by a panel of judges.

Winner will receive free exposure in Maniera Fashion Magazine, as well as a free video taping of their choice and 2 free poses or animations from Razmataz. The owner will even create a custom pose for the winner.

Buy a Razmataz pose, find your favorite scenery spot and take a unedited photo wearing your best designer fashion. Sounds easy….right? The deadline was today and I had just a little free time to play. I forgot for a moment that nothings ever easy, especially on Second Life.

First I went to buy the pose at  Razzmataz Poses
Clearly this is a fairly new pose designer. The shop was small,  strangely laid out and the pose selection was rather limited. To be honest more then a few of them looked awkward or uncomfortable. To be fair though some of the animated ones showed real potential and the prices were extremely reasonable.

There was really nothing there that worked for a guy, at least nothing that quickly jumped out as looking photo worthy. It took some serious imagination but at last I found one I could live with, a basic hand on the hip pose called the Marilyn.  At least I am not terribly uncomfortable using a girls pose. 30 linden and I was out the door, ready to find my location.

I already had a location in mind too. One of the best scenic sims I have ever taken a wander through. Its a stunning place called Forest Feast and in my opinion has some of the most realistic flowers and trees SL has to offer. I found my Landmark, hit it and got the black teleport screen of death. CRASH. *sigh*

So I logged back in to try again. This time I made it in to the Sim and started to wander around, looking for where I wanted my scenic fashion shot. This place is just jaw droppingly beautiful and there were so many possibilities. My time was growing short so I did not allow myself to much time to wander. I got my outfit on, decided what hair to use, picked what skin I liked best for the shot, all those  fussy little choices we models have to make. Then I fiddled until the pose was just right, lined up the shot, adjusted my Wyndlight to have the perfect shadows, lovely sunny lighting and warm skin tones. I was ready to shoot! AND _then_ the sim went down for reset. *Double sigh*

After the sim came back up, I teleport back in and went  through all of that again. This had taken an hour longer then I had intended to give it and I didn’t even have a photo to show for it yet. Normally I will take 20-30 photos and then pick the best one. I no longer had the time to do that. Real Life was starting to get impatient with me. I took one shot and call it done. Errr…wait. When did that couple sneak into the woods over there?! I had been so busy looking at myself I had utterly failed to notice the rather “loving” couple having a moment in woods directly behind me until I looked at the photo in photoshop. SO…a few more adjustments, a bit more grumbles from RL and time for only one more shot. This time it was perfect..or at least as good as it was going to get for this contest.

And yes….I blinked.


Clothing: DE Designs Revolution
Boots: Redgrave, Cowboy loafers
Hair: Damselfly, Wick
Skin: Millage Valenti, SKA-004


One Response to “Razmataz Fashion Contest”

  1. slerybygenie Says:

    ‘I have not won a single one yet.’
    Eat your words, Lex! 🙂

    Forest Feast is gorgeous, isn’t it? I really admire how the builder has dealt with mass planting – very clever. And… that photo really works with the blink, it evokes the creative dream, so send it in.

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