Second Life Romance.

Second Life Romance, we have all seen it. Most of us have had at least one.  Some of us know people that have a new one every week.

SL is a world made for Romance.

SL is a world made for Romance.

More then often a SL romance is the stuff of high drama and heart break. I am not sure what it is about Second Life but it seems people can fall in love, partner, have a prim baby and part ways in violent anger in a month or less.   I have heard so many horror stories. People that dropped there partner the first time the saw them on live Cam, others that talked their love into paying for part of sims and then  were dumped once the money as spent, still others that parted because Real Life demanded it. The cheaters, the nut cases, the mental abusers and those that just log out and never return are all out there somewhere and actively seeking to further ruin the  good name romance in SL.

It is not all ugly and insane though. Some SL romances  are truly touching and inspiring. I know one couple of lovely gay bois (They know who they are)  that I honestly blame for my own renewed  desire to find my own SL love.  The pair of them are  deeply devoted to each other only and entirely, work together on SL creations and just generally make the world more fun for each other. They are respectful of each other both as avatars and as real people and that is a rare and lovely thing to find in this virtual world of ours.

For the better part of my three years on SL I have been single. I started  here with a Partner but he did not find SL nearly as enchanting as I did. Slowly  but surely he stopped logging in. As romances go, it went out with a whimper.  After that I dated a bit and discovered the wide range of mental disorders that SL has to offer.  Not only in people I met, but in epicly failed  romances of friends.   I am somewhat a loner by nature anyway…not very comfortable making small talk with strangers and that seems to be the first  path to romance. So I stayed alone  and for the most part was okay with it. Now and then tho, mostly when I watched that lovely couple of bois interact, I would know how lonely SL can be.

It was on one of those lonely nights that I did something very out of character for me. I went and put up an ad in one of SL’s many singles areas.  I didn’t expect to get an answer to it, but I did.   That was how Genie came into my life.

He was exactly what I was looking for. If I had been trying to create someone for myself, he would have looked like Genie.  Yet even more then his stunning looks, his personality caught at my heart.  Early on in our first date, he mentioned how strange a person he was in SL because he believed in only having one lover at a time, in being true to that one person and building something solid. He thought that would run me off, but in fact I think I fell a little in love right then.


Its been several months now since that night and he has been such a gift to me. Every day I find I am just a bit more crazy about him then I was the day before. Second Life is brighter and more interesting then it has ever been. I am inspired to make clothing again, if only to impress him. And I won’t even mention the pose ball education he has given me.

Thank goodness for Second life romance.

Thank you Genie, for  showing me how good it can be.


2 Responses to “Second Life Romance.”

  1. slerybygenie Says:

    Thank you darlin! Well you know my troubles before I met you. I expected nothing from you but got everything. How fortunate is that? Sometimes it works out that we’ve done enough good things for others that it’s reciprocated in the most unexpected and wonderful manner. Long may it continue! ❤

  2. All the best Lexi , I told you your dream would happen / now admit how uber smart I am ~laughs ~

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