Brocade Tiger, Artistic Clothing

Here is a little known fact about this red head. I have my own clothing line and my own store.

Even though I have had this info on my profile for  almost 2 years now, most of the time when i mention to a friend that I am working on a new clothing design, I hear “You make clothes?!” Strangers are no better informed, My store averages 3 visits a day.  Its a safe bet to say that Brocade Tiger is a very undiscovered line.

However I intend for that to change and soon. I have been making new things like mad lately and in August, my store will be part of its first ever hunt. The Steam! Grid Wide SteamPunk Hunt has agreed to let me in. I will be making a very detailed lace poet’s shirt for the hunt gift and will be previewing it here soon. So be on the look out for details.

Meanwhile, this is just in, the latest Brocade Tiger design. It’s a romantic Men’s wear jacket and pants set.


Do drop in to Brocade Tiger and have a look. You can find me there most evenings.


2 Responses to “Brocade Tiger, Artistic Clothing”

  1. slerybygenie Says:

    I always find it fascinating as a new outfit comes together and you’re up on the roof covered with graph paper and random primmage. Harper’s ass was never so famous as it is now!

  2. Lexi Vargas Says:

    What is cute is that Harper keeps telling me to make her butt smaller. Seems her avatar lost weight but my copy has not.

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