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Falln Fashion or Short People Ain’t Got no Reason to Model.

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Lexie Jansma shouts: Today we present the wonderful collection of Azriel Demain of FallnAngel Creations! A prolific designer….when I first walked into his store I was blown away and KNEW I had to have him be a part of my Latex Fetishwear Fashion Week! At first….He was reluctant to do it. He did NOT do fashion shows. However I said I would do the work! However he has done his share of it as well. I wont say much more then this…everything you see on the stage today may not be latex…but it is all amazing!”

I figured that after all the fun involved with the latex fashion show on Monday this one would be with out a quirk worthy of writing about. What ever was I thinking?

There in the middle of all the models lining up to walk was Petite Pixie and she was well named. She did not even come up to chest height on the other models and was so short that her skirts were vanishing into the runway floor. Poor Ms. Lexie the stage director asked her kindly to grow taller and this set off little Miss Petite in a Big way.

Petite Pixie: According to the Linden Scale I am 5’8 and that should be perfect. Nobody is 7 foot tall.

Me: The Linden’s tend to make a mess of everything else, why would you believe them when it comes to figuring your height? I have you seen the size of the average SL sofa lately?

Petite Pixie: Everyone keeps getting bigger and bigger in SL, I’m not going to stretch out my pixels and polygons and look lumpy.

Random Helpful Male Model: The lumps these girls have look real good to me!

Petite Pixie: You all don’t look good in clothes, it’s awful. But no one knows because they think it’s how it is.

She continued to go on like that for some time…..alternating between how great she looked, how awful tall people look and mixed those two repeating themes in with “You can’t make me change!” for a bit of added variety.

Then “little pissed pixie” did the worst of all modeling No Nos. She IMed the designer himself and complained to him that we were wanting her to be tall and ugly. Needless to say Azriel Demain had no idea who she even was and had even less interest in her height issues.  After she found no sympathy there she shushed and went off to, most likely to complain to other short people that cared.

Eventually poor Miss Lexie the stage manager managed to get her to give up her outfit so one of the tall “Ugly” models could wear it and off we went to pratice, shaking our virtual heads. Once more we fearless models battled epic lag to put on one heck of a show.  As a historic side note, this was the first time I got to do a fashion show in high heels.


“Next up is Lexi Vargas wearing the “Fortuna Suit White”.  This beautifully detailed outfit has heavy laces running down the back of the coat and top of the jacket.  Included are flexi coat tails, flexi jabot and cuffs in black and white, and prim sunglasses.”

There had been rumors that some of the male models in this show were less then happy with the outfits, saying they looked to girlish but my first outfit was this wonderful white creation and I don’t know if it looks girlish or not, but i like the way it made me look.  It moved wonderfully. I had a grand time finding poses that would swirl the long  jacket artfully.

But I liked the next outfit even better.


“Lexi Vargas is wearing the “Magic Dance Outfit Purple”.  This outfit is based on a costume worn by “Jareth” the Goblin King, played by David Bowie in the 1986 cult-classic film Labyrinth, directed by Jim Henson of ‘Muppets’ fame. This outfit comes with three different colored pants, three different colored shirts with matching flexi ruffles, a necklace, riding crop and sculpted prim boots.  To complete the look, Lexi has also worn the  “FallnJarethHair” and  “Falln Jareth Skin” as well as the “Falln Flexi Elf Ears”.

Those of you who know me know I am a David Bowie fan and that I like to think I resemble him slightly here in SL. So getting to be the Jareth of the Falln show was a thrill. It was also quite fun to hear the audience hooting and cheering the outfit as I went by.

On all of our walks in this show we had the same partner and mine was  bespectacled gentleman called  Lonnie.  He was such a little chatterbox during the show. He IMed me continuously with advice. He told me where to stand. He told me how to walk. He kept reassuring me that all was going to be fine, that I would do just great. He was so helpful as to almost be  TO helpful.  At last I asked him how many runway shows he had done, surely I was in the presence of a very seasoned model here.

“None. This is my first” came the merry reply.

Gods…I really love modeling.  You can’t buy this  kind of humor.

And last but not least,  Genie always tells me to get out more and to try and be social. That designers are just people and liked to be talked to.. so I tied. I fanboi’ed Azriel Demain since he really is the one who’s work inspired me to start making clothing.  I told him it was a thrill to model for him and that I loved his work. He sent me a kitty smile and  “Thanks” in reply. You know what…that was plenty for me.  I got to meet and model for someone I long admired.



Latex Fashion Week or Get Me to the Show On Time.

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The first hint I had that I was going to be a model in this years Latex fashion extravaganza was when the outfits arrived last Friday with the simple note  that read, “This is what you will wear in the show.”

show1 My costume for the show… The Shadow Suit by Graves Leather & Latex  (Oxymoron (54, 113, 31))

I had applied to be a model  for two shows on Monday and had only received one outfit. So reason implied either I was only in one of the shows or I was missing an outfit. Either way I needed to know what was going on so I could plan the rest of my Monday.  I dug thru the vast amounts of note cards I had gathered the past week and found the application I had filled out and to my great relief  it had the name of a contact person for questions. So I contacted her to find out exactly what show I was in and other vital details like where and when.

The charming reply “I am far to busy dealing with things here at the Latex Week Event and I should not have to take time out to look up your schedule for you.”

I blinked at that  message for a moment. Wow. Clearly this poor woman recently had to much caffeine and to many models asking dumb questions. As meekly as I could type I asked where I might find these schedules so I could look the info up for myself.

“Fine…I’ll do it for you” came back her  reply. You could almost sense her rolling her eyes at my stupidity and persistence.  A few moments later a note card listing the walking order of the fashion show was sent to me. Blessedly it had the time  of the show and the practice run. No location but it was all I needed at the time. I thanked her humbly and left her alone.  I assumed as the weekend passed and the show neared, the information would come. Nope. It didn’t happen.

Monday comes and its 30 minutes before practice time and I still have no idea where the damn show is going to be at. Questions I had tossed at other models told me there were several runways all doing shows at varied times. So, with great trepidation I once more IMed the over caffeinated contact person.  “Where must I go to Model?”

The Crossroads.” she sent back and I waited expectantly for the Land mark. Five minutes passed and I realized  its not coming and I am going to have to bother her again.  Knowing I am in trouble, trembling,  I type…”Where is the Crossroads?”

“You know, if you would just read the announcements that come thru the latex model’s  group you would know all of these things.”

Group?!!? Suddenly it all became clear why I was utterly in the dark and why she was treating me like a first rate moron. Once I explained I had not been invited to any group, she added me and all the info I ever needed was there in the stored announcements. I am sure we both breathed a great sigh of relief at not having to deal with each other any more.

I made it to the pratice with minutes to spare. Bare skin and shiny stuff everywhere I looked.  Ever wonder what what it looks like back stage at a Latex fashion show?


After all the drama I had in getting there, the show itself was a breeze except for one more small complication. Our stage manager was a lovely and very commanding lady called Lexie Jansma. I must have have had at least half the models in the show IM me asking for directions, thinking I was her. I put  “I am not the Lexie you seek.”  on cut and paste and went on with the show. One fellow did insist I must be the right Lexie because I was the only one he saw but he did find her eventually.  Whew. With dingbats like that floating  around I suddenly could understand just why the over caffeinated contact person was so crabby.

Confusion aside however, this was one of the more interesting fashion shows I have ever been in and it ran very well once you got to it. The models were professional and polite. The stage manager was clear with her directions and the set itself was very unique.  There was a vast revolving stage with theater like scenes  built into it. The models would take a pose in the scene and then the whole stage would turn to the audience, thus presenting the models and their clothing like a animated work of art. It was really quite stunning. I sent a prayer  up to the  gods of SL that I would not have to take one of the “getting whipped” poses in the dungeon tableau and they heard me. I just had to stand there and try and make my pretty-boi self look imposing.


All things considered I think the show was a great success and I had allot of fun taking part in it. There was just so much to look at. Like this….


And like these…..


I can hardly wait to do it all again on Friday when I return once more take the stage at the Latex Fashion Week show…this time I will be wearing styles by one of my favorite designers. Falln!  Expect a report on that show too!

I could not get a photo of all the outfits but the designers in the stage shot of the show were…..

(Thanks to Lexie for the List)

Addiction Latex:
Mar Male Black

Riped (Male)

Karu Karu
Ruby Latex Suit Kira

AW Designs:
Black Dominatrix Transparent Suit with Body Suit with Bootlex PVC Boots Black

Ponygirl Complete Set & Leyla Red

Straps HArness

Stitched Suit Male Black

Hollow Angel Designs:
Sensual Vamp Suit Red & Scalene The Hollow Angel Harness

She Wants Revenge:
xxx Black Outfit

Evil Master Male
Nasty Warrior Male

Master Coat White (Mens) with basic white boots,
Zip Suits Ripped Open with the Basic Black Boots (Men),
Shadow Suit with Black Basic Boots (Men)

Lucious Latex
Decree, Dark Crusader

Kayliwulf Kingdom
Chaps my Ass

FallnAngel Creations

Luxuria Suit Red (Male)

Dakoira Designs:
Black Latex Knight (Male

Don’t Annoy the Girls in Camouflage.

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This time its something for the girls at Brocade Tiger.

You know the type…the “don’t look at me bub” kinda girl that will NOT put up with any bad treatment. You want her? Treat her right..or else. Well my latest creation is made for just that sort of girl.

This is a four part shorts outfit in tuff-girl camouflage green. Two pairs of shorts and two tops can be mixed and matched for several different looks. This makes a very fun hunt outfit. Camo helps you sneak up on those crafty hunt gifts after all.


On the topic of hunt gifts. There is a fun new gift hidden in the Brocade Tiger store. It is stop #50 on the Summer fun hunt. I always try to make my hunt gift something for the guys because you know we tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to hunts. Most of us just don’t have the legs required for those cute little dresses.

This time however I did something for both genders. A set of his and hers Hawaiian Shirts. They are free this month at Brocade Tiger if you can find them.


Happy Hunting!

Shhh, be veddy veddy quiet. I’m hunting Orbs.

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Call me slow but I had not even heard of grid wide hunts until perhaps four months ago. Before my Genie tossed himself into my virtual life I really was something of a SL hermit and I did not get out much aside from the occasional modeling job. The vast social aspects of SL mostly passed me by.

The only hunt I have done as a Hunter was the “Make Him Over” Hunt a couple months back. It was all for men and Genie made sure I got out and found everything. I needed all the help I could get too! I learned One thing about Hunting over that week and this is that I am not a hunter! I could not see the gift if it was bouncing in front of me with neon arrows pointing at it. Wire frame baffles me and I can’t even allow myself to talk about opening ALL OF THOSE DANG BOXES!! In the end I did get some wonderful free items and got what seemed like lifetime supply of tee shirts. That hunt convinced me of three things. One. I am likely never going to hunt again. Two, I wanted to get Brocade Tiger into some hunts and Three. I was never going to make a tee shirt for a hunt gift.

So I signed up to be a vendor in a hunt. Along came the Sci-Fi Fantasy Hunt and they took me in. I was silly-crazy excited about it for 3 weeks and could hardly wait for it to get going. Then on day one when the first hunters were begging for hints…I scrambled around and got everyone to help me write up a hint page. Partly because I wanted to help yes, but also partly because I was store #35 on the hunt and I did not want everyone giving up before they got there. I worked hard on that dang outfit and be darned if people would get lost before they got it.

The hunt has been running for 5 days now and it has been quite a fascinating experience. A very different experience from what I had envisioned. I had expected that crowds of lovely avatars would be wandering my store, looking for that tiny little blue orb. A few of them would stay and shop. My sales would go up. Maybe at long last I would be able to afford to get a bit more land so I could expand and finally have more then 10 spare prim at my store. The dreams were huge….and …..well…..not really very realistic.

The reality is that there are not vast crowds. I know because I hung out in my shop and watched for a long while. Most of the hunters that did come stopped just inside the doorway and cammed around till they found the orb, then poof…off to the next stop. I would be surprised if many of them even knew what the store sold. Once I got over being bummed about that, I looked to the bright side of it. My store’s land mark is getting out there in vast numbers. Some of those people will be back. Others will wear my hunt gift out into the world and that is good too. Mostly I am having a lot of fun.

However..the hunt has not been without a few creepy moments.

All day today this has been floating outside my door. Not speaking. Not moving. Just staring silently.

Can someone help me? I am now scared to go outside. Why is it wearing rubber gloves?


……………..FIVE HOURS LATER…………………


It’s still there. Some of SL”s bravest women have come to stare back and be amazed at the floating Nurse beast.

Maleficent Benoir screams
Maleficent Benoir: wtf in the name of all that is holy is that
Lexi Vargas: Scary eh? It’s been hovering at my store door all day.
Lelani Carver: Whoa, that is one scary object.
Maleficent Benoir: OMG LEXI
Lelani Carver: Somebody needs to be told “HANDS OFF THE SLIDERS!” in so many ways.
Ginger Shostakovich: oh… my… goodness… I cannot unsee!
Maleficent Benoir: Shall i go touch it
Lexi Vargas: is not that brave
Bloodhex Squeegee: nothing happens
Maleficent Benoir pokes it
Bloodhex Squeegee: you haz a 100 people later in your store staring at her
Bloodhex Squeegee: she shouldn’t wear those boots under that dress
Lexi Vargas: I may have to hire it.
Bloodhex Squeegee: ROFL
Maleficent Benoir: I think some stilettos are needed
Saaghir Nightfire: only if they are made out of iron
Saaghir Nightfire: maybe it is a parade ballon, and it got away?
Bloodhex Squeegee: try blowing it
Bloodhex Squeegee: *blows*
Bloodhex Squeegee: *flashes out her nails and sticks it in her leg*
Bloodhex Squeegee: no not balloon doesn’t say boom!
Saaghir Nightfire: it would make a hell of a hunt object
Lexi Vargas: The nightmare hunt?
Saaghir Nightfire: or the gimme a big kiss hunt
Lexi Vargas: ewwws as he imagines kissing that.
Saaghir Nightfire: see, this is what happens when you try on a freebie shape
Bloodhex Squeegee: i think i should go and sit in front of it and stare back
Urydice Optera: Hi… had to come see what the buzz was about. lol
Bloodhex Squeegee: just go to sleep and leave the computer on
Saaghir Nightfire: No, It will get me
Lexi Vargas: laughs…..”The longer its been here ..the creepier it is. Its been a good 5 hours already.

Bloodhex Squeegee: i would also find that creepy if he/she was in my store

Lelani Carver nods “DO NOT WANT clownz. Kthxbai”
Saaghir Nightfire: have you tried to kick it?
Lelani Carver shakes noodles and tries to forget.
Lexi Vargas: Na… just left it hang there. Good conversation peice
Saaghir Nightfire: That is one ugly wind chime though.

Romance Look for Men

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This week there is something new at Brocade Tiger.

With photoshop help and inspiration from Raven Penneyfeather of Rfyre fame, I have come up with a new and very romantically styled brocade and lace  outfit. (thank you Raven!)  The brocade has a pheasant pattern and is very complex and detailed. The undershirt has a transparent lace yoke and ruffle.

I am rather proud of this design, I feel it is marking a upward turn in my skills as a designer.  It is helped along by being modeled by my lovely BF Genie.

(By the way…he and I became official partners this week. Be expecting details in a later posting)


For those readers who are hunt inclined I have made a version just for the Sci_Fi & Fantasy hunt. A David Bowie-Labyrinth inspired gold version of this same outfit. It’s free for the next 30 days.  

Brocade Tiger is located here!

hunt gift 1

The Sci-Fi Fantasy Hunt Hint List

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On this hunt you are looking for a blue orb with swirling sparkling stars inside.If you having trouble getting a ball to be for sale, just put your arrow over it and left click.

1 startpoint station spacejunky’s island – Find the Sign. It’s not just the Demo Item of what to look for.

2 Inspire Design- If you went up the ramp, you went to far.

3 Fabu! Fine Designs -Peek Behind the Fabu signs.

5 Leonine – The Center display is not as solid as it looks.

6 BRC Beware of recycleing cat- Just a litte tack on a big tack board.

7 MAGIA Fasionwear – The Most Realistic Hiding place in SL. (or all that glitters is not Diamonds)

8 Mars Lake Creations – Veronica knows all.

9 Bubblegum Boutique – Go to High places for the best ocean view.

10 Dreams by Trena – Look Up.

11 Bound BDSM art Gallery- Maybe you should just go cool off?

12 Hex- All this hunting makes my feet  hurt. Better have a seat.

14 Mishmosh Designs- Is that a Proper Exit sign?

15 Likka House- Where the coconuts fall.

16 DragonLady Designs- If you need more help, check the help desk.

17 Burning Chrome – “If you are feeling lucky, take a seat”

18 D & V Creations – The future was forged by fire and water

19 Fire Goods – Look for floating bubbles and orbs to find the prize.

20 Framed – “Fear not the people “under the stairs”

21 Roque Designs- Seek the Stringy

22 Crystal Gypsy Designs – Hide in plain sight?

23 Sinuous Shapes – Seek upwards for Inspiration.

24 Color me Chaos – Whisper to the Elephant.

25 Izzy Cole Photography- I love these handy help desks.

26 Simply- Blue on Blue.

27 OD Obsidian Desires- Do you feel lucky?

28 SpaceJunky Store – Really…if you can’t find this Orb no hint will help you.

29 Lilypads – Take a walk down Xsteet

30 Crys Garden Creations – There are signs in front of you.

32 Sweet & Serine – Bad Orb! Go sit in the corner.

33 House of Creations – Plants grow better upstairs.

34 Full Moon Fashions – It’s under what goes up.

35 Brocade Tiger Artistic Clothing – My Orb is 38DD. Why do you ask?

36 Gallery Nishi Designs – Have a seat, relax and listen to the water fall.

37 SB Designs – This orb is “Brand New!”

38 Bethany’s Boutique – I hang high and to the left.

39 TroubleGum – This is a Bio Mechanical Orb, so look in the bio mechanical house outside.

40 R & V Concepts -To find the shooting star, look in the solar system.

41 Loka Design – “Pearls are a girls best friend!”

42 Big Momma’s Shop – Tickle the ivory!

43 C&D Designs – Hunting is thirsty work. Take a break at the bar.

44 Karamoon East – Higher then Kittykats.

45 MetaMaxum Music – This store owner moves the orb to often to keep hinted. Just keep looking. Sorry 😦

46 Follow the Rabbit – Down the rabbit hole.

47 Alli & Ali Designs – This is one  hairy ball….err…orb.

48 Lantian – We subscribe to the theory that hints should be easy.

49 Kittycat’s Main Shop- Bottles Bottles everywhere.

50 Shapely Designs – Go High so I can see  everything!

51 Magically Aluring _ Time for Cinderella to go home

52 Sayluhns cutie bootie kid gestures – Giddy Up!

53 Cat Tracks Mainstore – What’s your Birth sign?

54 JG Designs – Look to be Insulted!

55 Kat’s Meow – “Feel the heat of the blaster”

56 Purrrlesque – I wonder what’s behind those amazing breasts?

57 Designs by  Katey – When learning the ways of the force, if you want to follow the *light* you must look for the source

58 Trip with Tink – Wnat free Lindens?

59 The putrid Cafe –  Under the floor like a mouse.

60 Kairilo Quality prefabs – Its just there, what can I say?

61 Damani – I am stuck in a energy ball!!

62 FluiD Furniture Show Room – Follow the yellow arrows to a hint.

63 Bleeding Rose Designs – Hunter,you were bad. Go stand in the Corner.

64 SJ Island Forget Me Not – Find the hunt sign?  Then look up.

65 Elisabeth’s store -The Orb is surrounded by Fashion

66 Sirens Song – Yellow tables are my favorite

67 Bizet’s Gagets and furniture –

68 Stringer Mausoleom – Tree climbing that is what this orb likes to do.

69 Studio 72 – Hubble Photos are pretty

70 Squeaksters clifftop cabin -See the green Arrow?? Take a ride

71 Smooth Designs -Protecting a body

72  Buddabeats – On the first floor, in a corner I am waiting for you

73 – Earthly Delights – Look high for me, near a golden globe

74 Calla’s – All aboard!

75 Kitty’s Incorrigible Creations  – Sometime our fates aren’t wrote in the stars… Often they are determined by our roots

76 Quaint & Curious Contraptions Shop – Daddy orb babysitting me!

77 Gesture zone – And then….it was right there in front of me!

78 Grupo Samsara – Looking for Information

79 Enzo’s Freehold – Follow the arrow up to look it in the eye

80 Forgotten earth Design – Off into Space!

81 Kasbah ait Jalina – I am tired of you asking about hints. Just go sit in the corner.

82 Muxe’s magic box -“On the path to enlightenment”

Many thanks to Roxy, Tea, Rosy,  Zannette, Grey and all the others who helped this non-hunter make this hint list possible. It’s a sure thing I can’t find these things alone. Thanks for the help…all of you.