The Sci-Fi Fantasy Hunt Hint List

On this hunt you are looking for a blue orb with swirling sparkling stars inside.If you having trouble getting a ball to be for sale, just put your arrow over it and left click.

1 startpoint station spacejunky’s island – Find the Sign. It’s not just the Demo Item of what to look for.

2 Inspire Design- If you went up the ramp, you went to far.

3 Fabu! Fine Designs -Peek Behind the Fabu signs.

5 Leonine – The Center display is not as solid as it looks.

6 BRC Beware of recycleing cat- Just a litte tack on a big tack board.

7 MAGIA Fasionwear – The Most Realistic Hiding place in SL. (or all that glitters is not Diamonds)

8 Mars Lake Creations – Veronica knows all.

9 Bubblegum Boutique – Go to High places for the best ocean view.

10 Dreams by Trena – Look Up.

11 Bound BDSM art Gallery- Maybe you should just go cool off?

12 Hex- All this hunting makes my feet  hurt. Better have a seat.

14 Mishmosh Designs- Is that a Proper Exit sign?

15 Likka House- Where the coconuts fall.

16 DragonLady Designs- If you need more help, check the help desk.

17 Burning Chrome – “If you are feeling lucky, take a seat”

18 D & V Creations – The future was forged by fire and water

19 Fire Goods – Look for floating bubbles and orbs to find the prize.

20 Framed – “Fear not the people “under the stairs”

21 Roque Designs- Seek the Stringy

22 Crystal Gypsy Designs – Hide in plain sight?

23 Sinuous Shapes – Seek upwards for Inspiration.

24 Color me Chaos – Whisper to the Elephant.

25 Izzy Cole Photography- I love these handy help desks.

26 Simply- Blue on Blue.

27 OD Obsidian Desires- Do you feel lucky?

28 SpaceJunky Store – Really…if you can’t find this Orb no hint will help you.

29 Lilypads – Take a walk down Xsteet

30 Crys Garden Creations – There are signs in front of you.

32 Sweet & Serine – Bad Orb! Go sit in the corner.

33 House of Creations – Plants grow better upstairs.

34 Full Moon Fashions – It’s under what goes up.

35 Brocade Tiger Artistic Clothing – My Orb is 38DD. Why do you ask?

36 Gallery Nishi Designs – Have a seat, relax and listen to the water fall.

37 SB Designs – This orb is “Brand New!”

38 Bethany’s Boutique – I hang high and to the left.

39 TroubleGum – This is a Bio Mechanical Orb, so look in the bio mechanical house outside.

40 R & V Concepts -To find the shooting star, look in the solar system.

41 Loka Design – “Pearls are a girls best friend!”

42 Big Momma’s Shop – Tickle the ivory!

43 C&D Designs – Hunting is thirsty work. Take a break at the bar.

44 Karamoon East – Higher then Kittykats.

45 MetaMaxum Music – This store owner moves the orb to often to keep hinted. Just keep looking. Sorry 😦

46 Follow the Rabbit – Down the rabbit hole.

47 Alli & Ali Designs – This is one  hairy ball….err…orb.

48 Lantian – We subscribe to the theory that hints should be easy.

49 Kittycat’s Main Shop- Bottles Bottles everywhere.

50 Shapely Designs – Go High so I can see  everything!

51 Magically Aluring _ Time for Cinderella to go home

52 Sayluhns cutie bootie kid gestures – Giddy Up!

53 Cat Tracks Mainstore – What’s your Birth sign?

54 JG Designs – Look to be Insulted!

55 Kat’s Meow – “Feel the heat of the blaster”

56 Purrrlesque – I wonder what’s behind those amazing breasts?

57 Designs by  Katey – When learning the ways of the force, if you want to follow the *light* you must look for the source

58 Trip with Tink – Wnat free Lindens?

59 The putrid Cafe –  Under the floor like a mouse.

60 Kairilo Quality prefabs – Its just there, what can I say?

61 Damani – I am stuck in a energy ball!!

62 FluiD Furniture Show Room – Follow the yellow arrows to a hint.

63 Bleeding Rose Designs – Hunter,you were bad. Go stand in the Corner.

64 SJ Island Forget Me Not – Find the hunt sign?  Then look up.

65 Elisabeth’s store -The Orb is surrounded by Fashion

66 Sirens Song – Yellow tables are my favorite

67 Bizet’s Gagets and furniture –

68 Stringer Mausoleom – Tree climbing that is what this orb likes to do.

69 Studio 72 – Hubble Photos are pretty

70 Squeaksters clifftop cabin -See the green Arrow?? Take a ride

71 Smooth Designs -Protecting a body

72  Buddabeats – On the first floor, in a corner I am waiting for you

73 – Earthly Delights – Look high for me, near a golden globe

74 Calla’s – All aboard!

75 Kitty’s Incorrigible Creations  – Sometime our fates aren’t wrote in the stars… Often they are determined by our roots

76 Quaint & Curious Contraptions Shop – Daddy orb babysitting me!

77 Gesture zone – And then….it was right there in front of me!

78 Grupo Samsara – Looking for Information

79 Enzo’s Freehold – Follow the arrow up to look it in the eye

80 Forgotten earth Design – Off into Space!

81 Kasbah ait Jalina – I am tired of you asking about hints. Just go sit in the corner.

82 Muxe’s magic box -“On the path to enlightenment”

Many thanks to Roxy, Tea, Rosy,  Zannette, Grey and all the others who helped this non-hunter make this hint list possible. It’s a sure thing I can’t find these things alone. Thanks for the help…all of you.


5 Responses to “The Sci-Fi Fantasy Hunt Hint List”

  1. Yay the list is done 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Muxe Magic Says:

    Number 82 – Muxe’s Magic box hint should be
    “On the path to enlightenment”

    But you’ll probably see the store near the beginning of the hunt and the orb is not hard to find anyway.

  3. JaCiCa Damone Says:

    great hunt lol just wish i could have found the last one but oh well thats the breaks but once again thank you for a great hunt

  4. Lill Verwood Says:

    I might say that I finished the hunt yesterday, but I have still ONE orb to find! I went there three times until now and could’t find that misterious “blue on blue” #26. Simply is not that simple! 😉

    If we could vote for the easiest and the hardest orbs to find, I’d say #26, #68 and #76 were the hardest to me; #67 and #82 were two of the easiest to find.

  5. Lill Verwood Says:

    Well, last night I found that “too much hide indeed” blue orb INSIDE a blue… ! 😉 Now I can say “IT’S DONE! I FINISHED!” 8D
    It was a funny hunt.

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