Shhh, be veddy veddy quiet. I’m hunting Orbs.

Call me slow but I had not even heard of grid wide hunts until perhaps four months ago. Before my Genie tossed himself into my virtual life I really was something of a SL hermit and I did not get out much aside from the occasional modeling job. The vast social aspects of SL mostly passed me by.

The only hunt I have done as a Hunter was the “Make Him Over” Hunt a couple months back. It was all for men and Genie made sure I got out and found everything. I needed all the help I could get too! I learned One thing about Hunting over that week and this is that I am not a hunter! I could not see the gift if it was bouncing in front of me with neon arrows pointing at it. Wire frame baffles me and I can’t even allow myself to talk about opening ALL OF THOSE DANG BOXES!! In the end I did get some wonderful free items and got what seemed like lifetime supply of tee shirts. That hunt convinced me of three things. One. I am likely never going to hunt again. Two, I wanted to get Brocade Tiger into some hunts and Three. I was never going to make a tee shirt for a hunt gift.

So I signed up to be a vendor in a hunt. Along came the Sci-Fi Fantasy Hunt and they took me in. I was silly-crazy excited about it for 3 weeks and could hardly wait for it to get going. Then on day one when the first hunters were begging for hints…I scrambled around and got everyone to help me write up a hint page. Partly because I wanted to help yes, but also partly because I was store #35 on the hunt and I did not want everyone giving up before they got there. I worked hard on that dang outfit and be darned if people would get lost before they got it.

The hunt has been running for 5 days now and it has been quite a fascinating experience. A very different experience from what I had envisioned. I had expected that crowds of lovely avatars would be wandering my store, looking for that tiny little blue orb. A few of them would stay and shop. My sales would go up. Maybe at long last I would be able to afford to get a bit more land so I could expand and finally have more then 10 spare prim at my store. The dreams were huge….and …..well…..not really very realistic.

The reality is that there are not vast crowds. I know because I hung out in my shop and watched for a long while. Most of the hunters that did come stopped just inside the doorway and cammed around till they found the orb, then poof…off to the next stop. I would be surprised if many of them even knew what the store sold. Once I got over being bummed about that, I looked to the bright side of it. My store’s land mark is getting out there in vast numbers. Some of those people will be back. Others will wear my hunt gift out into the world and that is good too. Mostly I am having a lot of fun.

However..the hunt has not been without a few creepy moments.

All day today this has been floating outside my door. Not speaking. Not moving. Just staring silently.

Can someone help me? I am now scared to go outside. Why is it wearing rubber gloves?


……………..FIVE HOURS LATER…………………


It’s still there. Some of SL”s bravest women have come to stare back and be amazed at the floating Nurse beast.

Maleficent Benoir screams
Maleficent Benoir: wtf in the name of all that is holy is that
Lexi Vargas: Scary eh? It’s been hovering at my store door all day.
Lelani Carver: Whoa, that is one scary object.
Maleficent Benoir: OMG LEXI
Lelani Carver: Somebody needs to be told “HANDS OFF THE SLIDERS!” in so many ways.
Ginger Shostakovich: oh… my… goodness… I cannot unsee!
Maleficent Benoir: Shall i go touch it
Lexi Vargas: is not that brave
Bloodhex Squeegee: nothing happens
Maleficent Benoir pokes it
Bloodhex Squeegee: you haz a 100 people later in your store staring at her
Bloodhex Squeegee: she shouldn’t wear those boots under that dress
Lexi Vargas: I may have to hire it.
Bloodhex Squeegee: ROFL
Maleficent Benoir: I think some stilettos are needed
Saaghir Nightfire: only if they are made out of iron
Saaghir Nightfire: maybe it is a parade ballon, and it got away?
Bloodhex Squeegee: try blowing it
Bloodhex Squeegee: *blows*
Bloodhex Squeegee: *flashes out her nails and sticks it in her leg*
Bloodhex Squeegee: no not balloon doesn’t say boom!
Saaghir Nightfire: it would make a hell of a hunt object
Lexi Vargas: The nightmare hunt?
Saaghir Nightfire: or the gimme a big kiss hunt
Lexi Vargas: ewwws as he imagines kissing that.
Saaghir Nightfire: see, this is what happens when you try on a freebie shape
Bloodhex Squeegee: i think i should go and sit in front of it and stare back
Urydice Optera: Hi… had to come see what the buzz was about. lol
Bloodhex Squeegee: just go to sleep and leave the computer on
Saaghir Nightfire: No, It will get me
Lexi Vargas: laughs…..”The longer its been here ..the creepier it is. Its been a good 5 hours already.

Bloodhex Squeegee: i would also find that creepy if he/she was in my store

Lelani Carver nods “DO NOT WANT clownz. Kthxbai”
Saaghir Nightfire: have you tried to kick it?
Lelani Carver shakes noodles and tries to forget.
Lexi Vargas: Na… just left it hang there. Good conversation peice
Saaghir Nightfire: That is one ugly wind chime though.


5 Responses to “Shhh, be veddy veddy quiet. I’m hunting Orbs.”

  1. Bloodhex Says:

    Brrrrr take a stick and just poke till she is gone!

  2. I am glad of this hunt because I discovered Brocade Tiger. However, it’s probably the worst organised and most frustrating hunt I’ve done.

    How did I end up at Brocade Tiger? An out of sequence gift sent me to the wrong sim. Someone in the little group of confused hunters gave out the URL to your blog and we all found our way onto the next sim from your hints. not the actual gift, which was wrong.

    Some gifts do not contain the right ;landmark. Some gifts are out of sequence or do not have the right numbers. On most hunts gist are called something like MHOH #35. That’s good because the gifts end up in the same spot in your inventory and its easy tot rack where you are what progress you have made. In this hunt gifts seem to be named at random so it takes extra effort to keep track of your progress.

    I’m an inveterate junkie or hunts but the chaos is bad enough I may give up on it as a waste of time.

    You might want to talk to the organisers about this to see if the problems can be fixed. You should certainly not lose heart with hunts in general.

    • Lexi Vargas Says:

      I doubt I will ever give up on hunts as a vendor. I like making the gifts and hiding them about. I am not sure I will ever be much of a hunter tho. Its fun now and then….but I am so not good at it.

  3. Goblinmoon Says:

    I wandered around for quite a while as caming gets bleh to me. You had hidden it quite well. I have a male alt that I will be bringing back there for one of your outfits though, but want to see if I can change the highlight colors. Thanks!

  4. Least she could have shaved.

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