Don’t Annoy the Girls in Camouflage.

This time its something for the girls at Brocade Tiger.

You know the type…the “don’t look at me bub” kinda girl that will NOT put up with any bad treatment. You want her? Treat her right..or else. Well my latest creation is made for just that sort of girl.

This is a four part shorts outfit in tuff-girl camouflage green. Two pairs of shorts and two tops can be mixed and matched for several different looks. This makes a very fun hunt outfit. Camo helps you sneak up on those crafty hunt gifts after all.


On the topic of hunt gifts. There is a fun new gift hidden in the Brocade Tiger store. It is stop #50 on the Summer fun hunt. I always try to make my hunt gift something for the guys because you know we tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to hunts. Most of us just don’t have the legs required for those cute little dresses.

This time however I did something for both genders. A set of his and hers Hawaiian Shirts. They are free this month at Brocade Tiger if you can find them.


Happy Hunting!


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