Latex Fashion Week or Get Me to the Show On Time.

The first hint I had that I was going to be a model in this years Latex fashion extravaganza was when the outfits arrived last Friday with the simple note  that read, “This is what you will wear in the show.”

show1 My costume for the show… The Shadow Suit by Graves Leather & Latex  (Oxymoron (54, 113, 31))

I had applied to be a model  for two shows on Monday and had only received one outfit. So reason implied either I was only in one of the shows or I was missing an outfit. Either way I needed to know what was going on so I could plan the rest of my Monday.  I dug thru the vast amounts of note cards I had gathered the past week and found the application I had filled out and to my great relief  it had the name of a contact person for questions. So I contacted her to find out exactly what show I was in and other vital details like where and when.

The charming reply “I am far to busy dealing with things here at the Latex Week Event and I should not have to take time out to look up your schedule for you.”

I blinked at that  message for a moment. Wow. Clearly this poor woman recently had to much caffeine and to many models asking dumb questions. As meekly as I could type I asked where I might find these schedules so I could look the info up for myself.

“Fine…I’ll do it for you” came back her  reply. You could almost sense her rolling her eyes at my stupidity and persistence.  A few moments later a note card listing the walking order of the fashion show was sent to me. Blessedly it had the time  of the show and the practice run. No location but it was all I needed at the time. I thanked her humbly and left her alone.  I assumed as the weekend passed and the show neared, the information would come. Nope. It didn’t happen.

Monday comes and its 30 minutes before practice time and I still have no idea where the damn show is going to be at. Questions I had tossed at other models told me there were several runways all doing shows at varied times. So, with great trepidation I once more IMed the over caffeinated contact person.  “Where must I go to Model?”

The Crossroads.” she sent back and I waited expectantly for the Land mark. Five minutes passed and I realized  its not coming and I am going to have to bother her again.  Knowing I am in trouble, trembling,  I type…”Where is the Crossroads?”

“You know, if you would just read the announcements that come thru the latex model’s  group you would know all of these things.”

Group?!!? Suddenly it all became clear why I was utterly in the dark and why she was treating me like a first rate moron. Once I explained I had not been invited to any group, she added me and all the info I ever needed was there in the stored announcements. I am sure we both breathed a great sigh of relief at not having to deal with each other any more.

I made it to the pratice with minutes to spare. Bare skin and shiny stuff everywhere I looked.  Ever wonder what what it looks like back stage at a Latex fashion show?


After all the drama I had in getting there, the show itself was a breeze except for one more small complication. Our stage manager was a lovely and very commanding lady called Lexie Jansma. I must have have had at least half the models in the show IM me asking for directions, thinking I was her. I put  “I am not the Lexie you seek.”  on cut and paste and went on with the show. One fellow did insist I must be the right Lexie because I was the only one he saw but he did find her eventually.  Whew. With dingbats like that floating  around I suddenly could understand just why the over caffeinated contact person was so crabby.

Confusion aside however, this was one of the more interesting fashion shows I have ever been in and it ran very well once you got to it. The models were professional and polite. The stage manager was clear with her directions and the set itself was very unique.  There was a vast revolving stage with theater like scenes  built into it. The models would take a pose in the scene and then the whole stage would turn to the audience, thus presenting the models and their clothing like a animated work of art. It was really quite stunning. I sent a prayer  up to the  gods of SL that I would not have to take one of the “getting whipped” poses in the dungeon tableau and they heard me. I just had to stand there and try and make my pretty-boi self look imposing.


All things considered I think the show was a great success and I had allot of fun taking part in it. There was just so much to look at. Like this….


And like these…..


I can hardly wait to do it all again on Friday when I return once more take the stage at the Latex Fashion Week show…this time I will be wearing styles by one of my favorite designers. Falln!  Expect a report on that show too!

I could not get a photo of all the outfits but the designers in the stage shot of the show were…..

(Thanks to Lexie for the List)

Addiction Latex:
Mar Male Black

Riped (Male)

Karu Karu
Ruby Latex Suit Kira

AW Designs:
Black Dominatrix Transparent Suit with Body Suit with Bootlex PVC Boots Black

Ponygirl Complete Set & Leyla Red

Straps HArness

Stitched Suit Male Black

Hollow Angel Designs:
Sensual Vamp Suit Red & Scalene The Hollow Angel Harness

She Wants Revenge:
xxx Black Outfit

Evil Master Male
Nasty Warrior Male

Master Coat White (Mens) with basic white boots,
Zip Suits Ripped Open with the Basic Black Boots (Men),
Shadow Suit with Black Basic Boots (Men)

Lucious Latex
Decree, Dark Crusader

Kayliwulf Kingdom
Chaps my Ass

FallnAngel Creations

Luxuria Suit Red (Male)

Dakoira Designs:
Black Latex Knight (Male


6 Responses to “Latex Fashion Week or Get Me to the Show On Time.”

  1. im so bummbed out that i missed that show, i fell asleep and didnt wake up until hours later. i have been shooting the rnway shows nonstop so i was just so damn tired

  2. Michela Benazzi Says:

    That show will livein my SL history landmarks for the rest of my days… many a lesson learned, yet all in all I do agree Lexie, it was one of the best stage/scene shows I have ever been a part of. This was my 2nd of 3 during the week, the first (The Doll House) was equally as unique. A large ava/RL Dollhouse, was the setting for the show. We models as dolls made our way through the show oddly clothed, yet making a rather unique statement. It was truly fun, and something I wont soon forget. I have no doubts the outfits are something that will sit long in my SL closet, but the mere expierence of being apart of such a show, was simply put amazing.

  3. Let’s get something straight…I was not over caffeinated…I was sleep deprived!

  4. Sooo like can anyone send you an item and say put this on? because that could really be a photo moment ~evil grin~

  5. Lexi Vargas Says:

    Nic…i will wear anything you send me. I do mean anything.

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