Falln Fashion or Short People Ain’t Got no Reason to Model.

Lexie Jansma shouts: Today we present the wonderful collection of Azriel Demain of FallnAngel Creations! A prolific designer….when I first walked into his store I was blown away and KNEW I had to have him be a part of my Latex Fetishwear Fashion Week! At first….He was reluctant to do it. He did NOT do fashion shows. However I said I would do the work! However he has done his share of it as well. I wont say much more then this…everything you see on the stage today may not be latex…but it is all amazing!”

I figured that after all the fun involved with the latex fashion show on Monday this one would be with out a quirk worthy of writing about. What ever was I thinking?

There in the middle of all the models lining up to walk was Petite Pixie and she was well named. She did not even come up to chest height on the other models and was so short that her skirts were vanishing into the runway floor. Poor Ms. Lexie the stage director asked her kindly to grow taller and this set off little Miss Petite in a Big way.

Petite Pixie: According to the Linden Scale I am 5’8 and that should be perfect. Nobody is 7 foot tall.

Me: The Linden’s tend to make a mess of everything else, why would you believe them when it comes to figuring your height? I have you seen the size of the average SL sofa lately?

Petite Pixie: Everyone keeps getting bigger and bigger in SL, I’m not going to stretch out my pixels and polygons and look lumpy.

Random Helpful Male Model: The lumps these girls have look real good to me!

Petite Pixie: You all don’t look good in clothes, it’s awful. But no one knows because they think it’s how it is.

She continued to go on like that for some time…..alternating between how great she looked, how awful tall people look and mixed those two repeating themes in with “You can’t make me change!” for a bit of added variety.

Then “little pissed pixie” did the worst of all modeling No Nos. She IMed the designer himself and complained to him that we were wanting her to be tall and ugly. Needless to say Azriel Demain had no idea who she even was and had even less interest in her height issues.  After she found no sympathy there she shushed and went off to, most likely to complain to other short people that cared.

Eventually poor Miss Lexie the stage manager managed to get her to give up her outfit so one of the tall “Ugly” models could wear it and off we went to pratice, shaking our virtual heads. Once more we fearless models battled epic lag to put on one heck of a show.  As a historic side note, this was the first time I got to do a fashion show in high heels.


“Next up is Lexi Vargas wearing the “Fortuna Suit White”.  This beautifully detailed outfit has heavy laces running down the back of the coat and top of the jacket.  Included are flexi coat tails, flexi jabot and cuffs in black and white, and prim sunglasses.”

There had been rumors that some of the male models in this show were less then happy with the outfits, saying they looked to girlish but my first outfit was this wonderful white creation and I don’t know if it looks girlish or not, but i like the way it made me look.  It moved wonderfully. I had a grand time finding poses that would swirl the long  jacket artfully.

But I liked the next outfit even better.


“Lexi Vargas is wearing the “Magic Dance Outfit Purple”.  This outfit is based on a costume worn by “Jareth” the Goblin King, played by David Bowie in the 1986 cult-classic film Labyrinth, directed by Jim Henson of ‘Muppets’ fame. This outfit comes with three different colored pants, three different colored shirts with matching flexi ruffles, a necklace, riding crop and sculpted prim boots.  To complete the look, Lexi has also worn the  “FallnJarethHair” and  “Falln Jareth Skin” as well as the “Falln Flexi Elf Ears”.

Those of you who know me know I am a David Bowie fan and that I like to think I resemble him slightly here in SL. So getting to be the Jareth of the Falln show was a thrill. It was also quite fun to hear the audience hooting and cheering the outfit as I went by.

On all of our walks in this show we had the same partner and mine was  bespectacled gentleman called  Lonnie.  He was such a little chatterbox during the show. He IMed me continuously with advice. He told me where to stand. He told me how to walk. He kept reassuring me that all was going to be fine, that I would do just great. He was so helpful as to almost be  TO helpful.  At last I asked him how many runway shows he had done, surely I was in the presence of a very seasoned model here.

“None. This is my first” came the merry reply.

Gods…I really love modeling.  You can’t buy this  kind of humor.

And last but not least,  Genie always tells me to get out more and to try and be social. That designers are just people and liked to be talked to.. so I tied. I fanboi’ed Azriel Demain since he really is the one who’s work inspired me to start making clothing.  I told him it was a thrill to model for him and that I loved his work. He sent me a kitty smile and  “Thanks” in reply. You know what…that was plenty for me.  I got to meet and model for someone I long admired.



5 Responses to “Falln Fashion or Short People Ain’t Got no Reason to Model.”

  1. love it Lexi lol Great article, I was there and listening to the arguing. lol too funny

  2. You looked fabulous and I was so happy that I could make a small itty bitty dream come true for you. When I choose this look…I could have just choosen the outfit. I didnt…I made sure it was all there for the complete look. You brought it to life and it was amazing. Thank you for taking part in the Latex Fetishwear Fashion Week. It was a pleasure having you and I look forward to speaking soon.

  3. I love the white outfit,you make white look so sexy.. I have it in all black 🙂 Looking like a girl though? never! we are Bishonen and taking over.

  4. Very interesting blog………….. Good job

    I’m glad I stuimbled over this.

    Nave Fall

  5. slerybygenie Says:

    You are *so* good looking in that white outfit, it should be banned! And Azzer’s not bad in the black version, either. I’m glad he sent you back a further note, it shows he’s still humble in spite of his success. Designers like that, I admire.

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