Time Flys When You Overbook, or… Its Your Wedding, Try to Focus.

Whew. I have been so busy this month I have not even had more then a passing moment to even think about this poor abandoned blog.  For the first week of September I was away. I was off on vacation, hiking in the woods and sitting about on Mother Earth, recharging the body and the soul.  Good thing I did too because I would be needing the energy for what all that was about to happen in my virtual life.

woods(Jacket- Crossbones by Bare Rose.   Jeans. Punk ass jeans by Snatch)

Over the last two weeks  I …..

1) Did a photo shoot as a peacock for a art showing by Figbash.  (I will tell you about that in a later post. He is amazing.)

2) Did two runway shows as a model. One was for BlakOpal and another for SF Designs. I love the clothing these designers make and just could not say no to several free outfits and a walk on the runway.

3) Got accepted into a Clothing designers contest. It has fantastic prizes and is great exposure for a basically unknown designer like me. Once again I could not resist. (More about this in a later post too…  I promise.)

4) I made 7 outfits. 3 of them for the design contest. 2 for hunt gifts that were DUE NOW.  Best of all I made the Outfits Genie and I would wear to our hand fasting. I honestly spent so much time drawing/sewing in paint shop that my shoulder was sore.

There was also allot of betrothal details…like invitations,  wedding photos, rehearsals, clothing viewings, personal notes, date reminders and such tossed in there. Not to mention I still had vows to write. Genie had been doing the lion’s share of the planning but he had taken sick and just could not get out and about to do these little details. So I took over for him.

As if all that was not enough, I kept seeing invites for  photo contests, getting mild job offers to model this, write about that or design some other thing.  I wanted to take them all  on…they looked so fun. My normally quiet IM box just kept chiming all of a sudden. Temptation to stray from my path of designing the outfits for the contest and wedding came at me from all sides.  It was hard to keep on track but deadlines were coming. It seemed as if this month had only been one week long and nothing was as done as I wanted it to be. It had to be perfect!  I was getting married…..

Time was running out.

Then almost like a miracle  it was all done.

I finished outfits in the morning of our hand fasting and finished the last lines of my personal vows to Genie as the guests were seating themselves for the service. There was nothing left to do but this.


It was perfect.

The deadlines vanished. The worry was gone. There was just Genie and I looking into each others eyes (with 30+ friends watching) vowing to take the next part of this journey together.  It was the single best day I have ever had on SL.

I could go on about how amazing everyone looked, how romantic it all was..but I won’t. Not in this post anyway. (Dare I promise another post later?)

What I  will  say is this. When Genie was there with me the frantic pace was gone. Peace settled  into my heart and a smile settled onto my face. Perfect was not  found in what I was trying to do for the wedding…perfection was found in the man I was being bound to.

I made a wish to have someone to share my Second life with and a Genie came and granted me that wish.

Thank you my Love.


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