The Enthralling Virtuality

You know I had to share more about my recent Hand fasting to Genie, after all it was just to big a day to only merit one post. Fair warning…if you are not a fan of things that are sappy and mushy then this is not the post for you.


(He takes my breath away)

My Genie is just beautiful,  I mean really, how could you not be completely over the moon about a face like that?  I have always thought he was a lovely thing to look at but during the wedding, he honestly took my breath away. I told him he is not allowed to take that crown off for at least two weeks.  In fact 2 weeks is how long we intend to give ourselves as a honeymoon.  We will be spending all our time on line together traveling SL…seeing sights, being sappy and doing other things that honeymooners typically do. (You guessed it..there will be more about that in a later post, but don’t  hope for juicy details)

This wedding story started way back in early May when I put out a singles ad on a whim and on a whim of his own Genie answered it. I am not sure it was love at first sight but as least on my part it was a crush at first sight. I was surely charmed by him. Early on in our first date, he mentioned how strange a person he was in SL because he believed in only having one lover at a time, in being true to that one person and building something solid. He thought that would run me off, but in fact I think I fell a little in love right then. He is British and I am a “Yank” as he calls it and our time zones are ridiculously different but in those first few weeks we managed to find time to see each other and talk. Wow…..did we talk. Conversation came instantly and easily to us and still does now, months later.


(Our third date, chatting away)

As second life couples go, we were slow movers. Both of us had people in our pasts that had done us very poorly and we wanted to be sure that this time, this person would be true and steady… sane and faithful and even log on now and then. Still within a month, I already knew I did not want to do my second life with out him. It was a bit over two months before we moved in together and the day we moved into our new home, I got down on a knee on the still empty floor and asked him to do me the honor of being my partner.

It’s pretty obvious he said yes.

The wedding itself  came months later and was quite an epic event. An event  I was not really sure I was up for. I kept trying to convince Genie to go small, save the money and just have some intimate little exchange of vows on some lovely sim somewhere with a few friends as witness. I honestly would have been happy with just he and I standing  in the room where I proposed and exchanging vows with the moon and ocean as witness. He was having none of it,  we were going to have a big old wedding and all our friends would be there and that was that. So I played the typical groom and got out of the way of the wedding whirlwind that was my mate to be.  Later though when his illness took Genie off SL for a couple week, I took over. He wanted a big fancy wedding and he was going to have it…even if I had to help.

Fanastacia Weddings helped plan things out for us and they did a wonderful job.  The Setting was amazing, the ceremony breathtaking and more than one person told me that it was one of the most beautiful, heartfelt weddings they had been to. We did a gypsy theme and nearly everyone dressed to suit it, it made stunning visuals.


(The wedding under way)

Even the party afterward was really fun, not dull as so many virtual receptions can be. The male wedding planner who had been helping us did a good job in spite of being clearly  unsettled by having  to deal with a couple of men.  The DJ who sat thru and watched the entire wedding ceremony and _STILL_ called us Mr and Mrs Vargas….and the one guest of a guest that had to start making jokes about me being the bride both managed to piss me off briefly but there were so many wonderful people there that two clueless ones hardly mattered. We danced with anyone that wanted a chance to dance with one of the newlyweds and got to have many intimate chats with the people who came to wish us well. When it was all over…and the last guest went  home, I was reluctant to leave, it had been that magical. I am completely glad Genie had nudged my hermit-like self into it.

More so, I am completely glad I can call him my “Husband”. I am still getting used to that….but I am liking it.

In case you wonder where I got the beautiful title for this post, it comes from the vows Genie spoke to me…a bit of which I will share with you.

“Lex, I promise to meet you in this our enthralling virtuality, take your hand in mine and walk with you.
I’ll be the subtle fragrance in your creativity, the cream that melts slowly into your coffee and the enchantment of desire in your bed.
May my words caress and comfort you always.
So Mote It Be”


3 Responses to “The Enthralling Virtuality”

  1. Hey, great blog…but I don’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please 🙂 🙂

  2. slerybygenie Says:

    Lex, you heap praise on me and I don’t know if I really deserve it! But I’m very glad to be your husband and I’m very touched to read those sweet memories of our journey through the mire of SL relationships. Now as long as you keep your hands off my hair products, I’m sure we’ll be together for as long as LL keeps it all going! Much love ❤

  3. Lexi Vargas Says:

    SHhhh…..don’t give LL any ideas. I would hate them to suddenly shut this place down.

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