Could I Really be SL’s Next Fashion Designer?

Last Sunday was Round Two of the SL’s Next Fashion Designer. The Theme for this week’s designs was “Famous People” and we were instructed to pick any famous person, living or dead and create a new outfit for them based on their own personal style.  I pondered some silly ideas, like making something for Elton John or Liberace, either of whom would have been a delightfully camp, grin inducing choice.  In the end tho, I had to choose the Artist currently known as Prince.

I have always been a fan of Prince and his sense of style is one I often seem to mimic in my own SL wardrobe. The crisp lines he wears and the androgynous sexuality he seems to manage with ease just delights me. That was something I could surely design an outfit around.

My poor male  model when thru allot this week. I made him lose a good forty pounds….get a very dark tan and dye his hair. Then as the final insult, I put the poor boy in high heeled boots. When it was done though….I think I had a fairly passable Prince.


(Peacock Prince by Brocade Tiger)

The outfit was cream/gold and burgundy and light colors seem to be less used. Imagine my surprise when the two most prim heavy designs in the contest were cream cold in color. It was like we planned it. In spite of astounding odds against it, 2 of the eight designers picked the same famous person, Marie Antoinette and the both of them made her a fantastic gold dress. When I saw all those ruffles and folds I had a sinking feeling  I was on my way out. My poor thin little Prince looked very small and simple out  there between the two Maries.


Then when he walked out on the runway and someone in the crowd yelled “It’s ELVIS….I love Elvis!”  I really could have just died. On one hand it was great my work was being loudly loved….but sweet gods….did he really look like Elvis?!

In spite of brief doubts….I made it thru to round two! In fact I was told the judges placed me in third place that night so the torture of my male model was well worth it. I had to go home and dance around the living room for 20 minutes after the show, I was that thrilled!

There are only 7 designers still in the running now and the next Challange is  right up my alley. Now we designers have to make a outfit for a fantasy creature or person. Vampire, elf, fairy, wicked witch, you know the list.  My idea came to me instantly and I am willing to bet nobody else will think of it.   This is going to be fun!

You can bet I plan to use more Prims this round too.

Wish me Luck.


4 Responses to “Could I Really be SL’s Next Fashion Designer?”

  1. Takeshi Ugajin Says:

    Good luck Lexi^^ The male outfit is very cool^^

  2. Andy Barrowstone Says:

    You Know, Lexi, i no want said u, but i feel the same sensation, when i in backtage, and see “this big dresses” in 2 womans, im feel so little, same a smurf, in black version, but it swallows saliva, it breathes deep, and it removes chest, so that it seems more big, the 40 lost pounds, be some that to recover them somehow, although are with air, and go to walk to the runway, and walk with high heeled boots is not so difficult, as Bart Simpson says, is only heel-end, heel-end, jejeje.
    Ok, all the luck in the next stage, you are a very talented person, and mainly GOOD PERSON, and that people it note that, and also, is a huge pleasure to be u male model. Hugs and luck. Andy
    P/D: I am to diet of hamburgers and pizzas to reclaim my greasy body, jijijjiij

  3. slerybygenie Says:

    Obviously, Elvis is more famous than Prince! But that’s a great picture, Andreas should adopt that look more often *laughs*
    I’m looking forward to the next part of the competition and also observing whether you can make an outfit each week as per Raven’s suggested regime 🙂

  4. Lexi Vargas Says:

    So Far I have done pretty well at the one outfit per week. See how i manage when this contest is over.

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