SL’s Next Fashion Designer, Me?

Week three of the SL’s Next Designer Contest and I KNEW it was going to be epic. The theme was “Create a Fantasy”

I started off thinking I wanted to do a fairy but then decided that might well be everyone’s first thought. So I moved off to look at all my fabric samples to see if i could find inspiration there. What I found was several different heart prints….a bit of sketching later and I had my idea. One I was sure nobody else would think of.

The Queen of Hearts!


( The Queen of Hearts, by Brocade Tiger )

I had a blast making this outfit.  For starters, Miss Hotla Hoodoo, one of the other designers in the  contest told me about a store called “Butterfly Effects“.  I had been grumbling about not knowing how to sculpt and she asked me if I had checked at Butterfly effects. It turns out it  is a whole huge store full of sculpted prims made just for we clothing designers!!! I shopped the entire place, simply drooling over what I could make with this stuff.   My life as a designer was forever changed. If anyone knows of more stores like this…please! Tell me!! I am a sculpt addict now. I need more!

Anyway, after a very long time at Butterfly Effects, I finally remembered why I was there. I got me a bow making kit, some puffy sleeve patterns and then off I went to create. It really just came right together for me. Even texturing sculpted prims was easier than I expected. Then as a surprise, Genie made me a charming heart crown to add to the outfit. It poofed out a little trail of hearts and was the perfect final touch to the outfit. I was really feeling confident about this outfit. It had prims…textures,  it even had an evil queen showing her undies. It  had to be a keeper. I could hardly wait for Sunday.


The Show night was INSANE. The lag was the worst i have ever encountered at a fashion show. Considering that one of the designs had and ARC of over 11000!!! it was not a surprise. My poor girl model was IMing me…she was unable to become visible! When it came her turn to walk the runway, she was just a glowing gas ball with hearts poofing out of it. Nobody could see the outfit. I was so bummed… and then…the entire sim crashed.

I was never so happy to see a crash happen in my life. There was some impressive scrambling done by the show staff and helpers and in a very short time we had a new place to have the show. Everyone managed to come back on line and the entire show was restarted. This time Precious, my model got to strut her stuff…and even be  visible too! She looked adorable!


Then it was judging time and the announcer says that the judges want to ask the designers some questions. Who do they pick first. Me. Of course.  “Why did you Choose the Queen of Hearts?” Is the question the judge asks of me. I babble something back to her  about wanting an idea nobody else would have and her being an evil queen with a sense of style and all.”  Then she tells me that while my Textures are great, she wishes I was not playing it so “safe”.   Then it was done. THEY DIDN’T ASK ANYONE ELSE ANYTHING!!!!!!  There were 7 designers and I was the only one they had to ask something of? What the heck was that supposed to mean!? Safe… I had an evil queen in her undies’s for pity sake….that is safe?! While I sat there trying to figure out why I was the only one questioned and what the heck “safe” means, the First place winner and the  eliminated designer were announced.

If you would like to see the other designs form this weeks round, check the show’s own blog, right here. There were some really impressive outfits.

I was still in. I survived round three!! Not sure my confidence has survived but I am in for another week. This time, we have to make red carpet, Oscar style dresses. High on the glamor and style. With my confidence rattled…I am now off to try and make the sort of dress I have no  knowledge about.

Why can’t there be a menswear challenge? Why was I the only one questioned?

Wish me luck. I’ll need it.


One Response to “SL’s Next Fashion Designer, Me?”

  1. slerybygenie Says:

    Darlin, you were *always* set for trouble being the only chap in that competition and/or not having friends on the panel of judges! There’s nothing wrong with that beautiful outfit no matter the uncalled for bitchy comment you received. You’re an outstanding designer and artist who doesn’t rely on the textures of other people and who genuinely tries to create something a little bit different. This always turns out to be a whole lot of wonderful so please don’t be discouraged.

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