Bloody Vanilla

I told them, I warned them to leave me alone. I am just a mild-mannered gentleman, really I am. There is not a violent bone in my body and I never planned to hurt anyone. Honest, I didn’t plan it but I did warn them. I told them to leave me alone.  This is all their own fault. They brought it on themselves.


And now there is all this blood. My clothing  is in ruins from it. Damn them all. It was such a wonderful suit too, a orginal made by Vanilla C. Designs. It was my favorite a stunning leaf patterned brocade waistcoat with gold trim,  and delightfully ruffled shirt. I took such delight in keeping the whites snowy and clean, but they would not leave me be.  Those fools. They made me ruin it with their nasty blood. The blood is even on the tricorn hat that came along with my poor suit. The feathers will never be the same. It’s tragic to see such finery ruined. Why couldn’t they just leave me alone?


One Response to “Bloody Vanilla”

  1. slerybygenie Says:

    Love it! Remind me never to roleplay pirates with you lmao ❤

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