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The Redhead Evolution

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Hold on to your video card…this post is going to be photo heavy. I started Second Life back in early 2006, before there was such a thing as Flexi hair. Men’s styles were nearly unheard of and if you could find something  prim that did not look to girlish, it was a blessing. I am a confirmed hair collector and nearly all of it is red, but i will be merciful and only show the collection highlights.

Like most guys back then, I started with the system hair. It was red of course and long. I have always been a long haired red head, even back then. So…this was my hair of choice back in 2-06, a LL original.


The hunt began soon after. I knew I wanted a long hair with out braids or curls or other girly sort of style flair. This was surprisingly hard to find. At last I tracked down my very first Prim hair. Created by HTC (Here Comes Trouble) back in “05” it was a style called “The Warrior”and was made for men. It didn’t work.  I got called “miss” and “she” a lot in this hair. That had me shopping again fast.


There were many trys and fails but this next  hair I stuck with awhile. It was made for women, but I liked it and some people could even guess I was a guy (Male skins were way worse back then.) It was created in late ’06” by Goldie Locks and was called the “teased hair”. It was my style until the flexhair arrived.


Hair that moves!  I went broke. Designers were not all instantly talented with flexi…but I didn’t care. Flowing hair! I bought stuff.  Like this long haired wonder by (Belive it or not) Cake.


And this nice ruffian look by Goldie Locks again.


Cake was the winner to me  tho and I spent a great deal of  money in their store and a long time in SL wearing their styles …even going fully over the top with this wonder by Cake called “Riven”. I got mistaken for a girl in this hair a lot too but it was so fun to wear and moved so grandly I did not really care.


By now  I was starting to think I had a decent and somewhat unique personal style going. It was mid to late ’07” and I thought it was time to try my hand at a SL modeling career.

Casting call after casting call i went to. Some of them I would be the only guy not picked. I had noticed I was half the size of these guys, with a realistic build instead of the refrigerator with a head build. I also noticed I was the only red head and the only long hair at these auditions but surely that would work in my favor. Right? Right??!

Wrong. I was repeatedly told to lose the red hair, go with a short style and bulk up my avatar. I settled for one out of 3 and for awhile…*gasp*… I cut my hair. This look the “001 hair”  by B R LY1 N became my first choice for casting calls.


As well as this little Full Perm charmer, the “Rebel” by “Boo Hoo” for days when I was feeling a bit resentful about the whole having to cut my hair in order to model requirement.


Hadn’t anyone looked at the covers of any romance novels? Nearly all those guys had long hair.  Lucky for me, a little upstart Modeling agency called “Opium” agreed to hire me, long red hair, slim body and all. Feeling more validated, i started sliding back into the long styles. Short hair is just not me. It was about then I discovered Calico and spent alot more money.  The “Connor” by Calico ….


And the “Fossarius” also by Calico were my main hairstyles when I was not on the runway.


Recently however…they have all been replaced by my latest love, The “Stone Fox” by Exile. This may well be the hair I have been looking for all along. But then I have thought that before.


Well..thats the history of my glorious red hair. Now..if you all will excuse me, its time for my beauty sleep. All this writing  and hair styling has just worn me right out.