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2010…..Thank Goodness You Are Here.

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Whew. I do not think I can ever recall a year I wanted to see end more then 2009.  This last week I was honestly counting the days, eager for it to be over already. If ever there has been a time  I was desperate for a new beginning, this was it.

My Second Life was pretty dramatic this year. Some of  the highlights and low points included…

  • I was fired from the job that supported me in SL and so had to get back into clothing design to pay for my fees.
  • I met the love of my Second Life and fell for him harder and trusted him more deeply then I ever imagined possible.
  • I became friends with designers, artists and top models that I formally would have been far to shy to even speak to.
  • I had a huge,  beautiful wedding.
  • I became a Top model myself.
  • I got to see my own clothing in a fashion show for the first time.
  • I won first place in a designers contest then had the win ruined by complaints, confused judges, ill counted votes and general nastiness.
  • I had private RL things discovered and wielded against me by those who I thought were friends.
  • I got invited to take part in the 2010 clothing Fair as a designer.
  • I slowly lost the love of my SL life to a horrible RL illness.
  • I was the victim of  perhaps the meanest trick i have ever had played on me in my life. In or out of SL.

I have learned so much this year. I have learned that no matter how famous someone is, they are still people and are likely thrilled to talk about what they do to someone that is truly interested  I have learned that even if they are often quiet,  when i need them I have a few fantastic friends who are willing and able to pick me up off the floor, dust me off and help me stand again.  I have learned that SL love can be very dangerous to your heart and health. I now know that if the story sounds to good or bad to be true then it might well be just that…a story. I have realized that I am very strong, very talented and that this coming year is the Chinese year of the Tiger.

All in all, thank goodness 2009 is done.

I am The Brocade Tiger….and this is going to be my year.


There is a Last Time for Everything…

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Well, those of you that know me have already heard  that my beloved Partner, Genie Sorbet died in the real world this weekend.

He had been at the end stages of what he called “The Dread Illness” and for the past month he and I both knew whenever he logged out of Second life, it might well be the last time we saw each other.  We talked about it once and got our shared tears and sorrow out of the way..then vowed to not talk about it again. Instead when he logged in, I would drop everything and go be with him to have fun. Our times were pretty rare because he was often tired, but we had a grand time whenever he could. We made love, we walked thou beautiful sims, we scuba dived, I even got my British beloved  to don a cowboy hat and go line dancing  with me.  And snuggles, there was so many times just filled with cuddles and kisses and talks.  I took photos of everything, seemed I was always snapping pictures of him, of us. . …I knew I was going to lose him someday and I so wanted to capture every memory.

Sadly, this week the dreaded someday finally came. Last Weds, Dec 9th, he came on and spent a couple good hours with me. We went out dancing and listened to a live comedic singer who made him laugh till his sides ached.  Afterwords he was tired but wanted a bit of time just to be held before he called it a night.  We found a place on the beach and he settled on my lap, head resting on my shoulder. Then we talked awhile,  just gentle peaceful talk as lovers will do. When he logged out that night, he was still curled into my arms. As always….I took a photo. This turned out to be  his last moments on Second life….and he spent them in my arms.

Somehow the romantic, sappiness of that poetic ending would have made him smile. He always did love when we were overly sappy and silly.

We exchanged an email and he left some comments on my fliker pages after that night, but we never talked in real time again. On Sunday night, Dec 13th, Andreas, the person and soul behind the Avatar called Genie went peacefully to sleep and never woke again.

Second Life may be “just a game” but what a game it is. It allowed a dieing man and a lonely man to find  each other and give to each other what they could not have in real life. I was so very lucky to have and hold Genie in this virtual world and though I will not speak to him again in this lifetime, I shall be forever changed by having known his gentle, peaceful soul. He has made me a better person.

Sweet Sleep m’love.

Ever Yours.

Lex ❤