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The Silent Admiral, or Violator In Space

Posted in Second Life, Second Life Fashion, Sl fashion with tags , , , on January 21, 2010 by RedLexi

Sometimes there is clothing you just wear, but this not the case when your body is draped in something created by Violator. This is not just clothing, this is wearable artwork. I only hope to be half as famous as this designer someday.

As I transported myself around the seedy space ports and glorious galaxy sims of Second life in search of a proper place to shoot a photo of such out of this world clothing, I kept receiving IMs from complete strangers. “Neat Outfit” “Love the costume” “Where did you get that?” It really was difficult to keep up the image of a “Silent Admiral” when people keep insisting that you talk and give them the name and space port location of your tailor’s flagship.

Surely you want to know too. This stunningly unique Space Glam design called the “Silent Admiral” is the mind’s work of the every so creative Soraya Vaher and can be found at the Violator Headquarters.

Design wise its a very unique outfit. The red panels and graceful flexi-spikes that adorn the outfit give it shape and motion that begs to be photographed. It’s also easy to wear. I am a slender avatar and I was able to get the belt and long coat to fit me with very minor adjustments. The long coat is not required to worn, removing it gives the outfit a slightly more casual and less “evil warlord” appeal.

While on the topic of evil, I have to also mention these boots.

These are the “GridRunner” boots and they are not to be worn by the faint of heart. You can lose blood wearing these boots, those graceful looking curved spikes are mighty sharp. But then nobody ever said fashion was meant to be safe.