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So Much For Optimism

Posted in Second Life, SL, Uncategorized, Worldofsl with tags , , , , , , on March 8, 2010 by RedLexi

Whew. It is really amazing how fast the new year went from an optimistic “it’s going to be better” to  “Oh my god will i survive this?”.

The few that know me have noticed I am hardly ever around SL these days.  I am alive…and breathing and still in fine health so that is good. However I really can’t say my Real Life has been to good lately.

Some very drastic lifestyle changes have occurred and the past couple months have seen huge drains on my time and my creative spirit. Even when I do get a few moments to sit down at the computer I have been to tired and frazzled to do more than read email.

I have not given up yet tho. This is still the year of the Tiger and I will be working on my store and my SL. I miss my peaceful quiet home. I miss my SL muse….but I shall carry on. I will be back.