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Claim the Fame…Pound one, Part 2.

Posted in Uncategorized on April 5, 2011 by RedLexi

The theme for the first round of “Claim the Fame” came in at last. Formal wear. We get two weeks for this first design set because we really want to have an impressive first showing.   Crud, Formal wear. Really?!  I  am not all that good at the big filmy floaty dresses and i have not made ANYTHING for women in over a year. Still better that  my weak spot comes up now when there are  more designers to chose from as to who gets the boot.

I think on theme….because just doing any old formal dress and tux is boring. I stare at my Logo and think….and think… Hmmmm. STEAM PUNK FORMAL!  Suddenly i had my idea and I was off and running. I better be off and running. I have less then a week to make two new designs that will wow the judges.  Fabric swatches are found and I am off and virtual sewing for all I am worth.

The dress came pretty easy, I was really pleased with myself when I showed it to the boyfriend. Mozart, the dear thing looked at it…and went “mmmm”. He does that alot. Mmmm.  I am never sure what it means. This time it meant that the textures on the skirt were warped and distorted at the top.  Thus began my treck into the learning of “warp tool’. This proves to be very distracting… and so does Mozart. Really…an avatar should not look that good when someone is trying to work.

The dress is done at last and I have sent it off to my model, Rhonda. Now its time to get the tux going. Women’s clothing is hard for me, but men’s designs are FUN. I had so many ideas for this steam tux that it was a bit tricky to pick just one.


Claim the Fame…Round one

Posted in Uncategorized on April 2, 2011 by RedLexi

Not sure how many of you have heard of it, but there is a new designer’s contest on the grid. It’s based on the TV show called “Project Runway” and it pits 20  SL clothing designers in a head to head competition.  You know me…I love stress and deadlines so I had to get in on this.

I took theaptly named “Chance” suit and went to an audition.

To my great delight, I got in as one of the top 20.

The idea of the contest is simple. 20 designers are given a theme and one week. In that week they have to create two outfits on the theme. one for men and one for women. Then they have to get them onto a preselected model and styled for the runway. Then the outfits must be photographed,  boxed and ready to sell. In one week. Yes. One week.

Yes. We designers in this contest are crazy for doing this.

I can hardly wait to start.