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Paris on a Monday

Posted in Uncategorized on June 7, 2011 by RedLexi

It started out simply enough, not a date at all, only a simple work assignment. I was just taking a model out to Paris to get a vender photo for my new Rococo gown, Mozart heard what the location was and wanted to tag along.   He arrives in a lime green tee-shirt and jeans with one long leg and one short one. Sunglasses on and half shaved punk hair. Yep. That is my boyfriend. Its not like I can pick on his fashion sense to much though  for I am in Paris dressed like a goth and with a serious overdose of eyeliner on.  A local finds us more interesting as a photography subject then the lovely city itself.

So while I am busy shooting pretty miss Rissa in the gown, Moz heads off exploring, falls into the city sewers and  starts IMing me about the wonders he is seeing. The rat. I want to play too…so i take far less shots then normal. I got a good one tho.

Work done and  Rissa happily off to do what ever girl models do, i hurried off to find Mozart. Word of warning. DO NOT teleport into the sewers of Paris. You will drown. I have proof.

I also know if I am drowning in a sewer because of a bad teleport…my partner will be to busy laughing his head off to save me. Such a sad sad state. At least the sewer water was remarkably clean that day. Once I got dried off and reapplied the now running eyeliner, we were off to explore. We found a under ground library and theater, had cakes a little cafe  and saw a dragon wandering the city, calm as could be. Second life is so wonderful, everything has a bit of magic to it. However of all the wonders of the city, it was this simple, mundane antique public urinal that really got Mozart excited.

This urinal had him laughing till he wheezed, he IMed people about it. He fell about the place. He had to go try it out. He just loved it. (don’t worry…I don’t get it either but oh gods it was charming. Such enthusiasm!)

Still there were other more impressive metal structures in Paris that I wanted to see so once we had worn out the wonders of the was off to the Eiffel Tower. I have heard that its good luck for a couple to share a slow dance under the tower so that was my plan. We managed to find a smooth bit of green lawn and music. Its always so much fun to dance with my Moz, i could have danced for hours.

The sun was fading though and soon it would be time to rest. What better place to watch the sun set them from the top of this grand reluctantly we ended our dance and made our way to the sky. Brilliant reds and yellows blended artfully with the rusty hues of the tower, again…magical.  Sometimes tho it was hard to keep my eyes on the skys.

Ugly pants and fluffy hair…and i find him utterly breathtaking. Everything becomes an adventure with the right person at your side. Second life…its a magical place.