Fashion Icon?! Me?

Three times this week three different people have called me a fashion Icon. The first time i brushed it off as a random flattery. The second time i asked “Icon?! Me? Why?” and got the slightly less then reverent reply of  “Well Duh! You have been modeling and designing forever. Everybody knows you.” The third time….i started to wonder if maybe the world was trying to tell me something.

Maybe I am a fashion Icon and just was not aware of it?

If I am truly an Icon of Fashion then i am at the very least not a typical one. I don’t care about shoes for one thing, if i buy more then 2 pair in a year its an event worth of news. I am also a hermit introvert that has no real interest in knowing Who is Who in the world of virtual fashion. I can’t tell you the names of more then three top designers and perhaps if you gave me time to think about it, i might know for or five top models.

Sure, i recognise a few of the BIG names like Frolic Mills, and Raven Pennyfeather, and and there are a few models who’s names stand out to me, mostly from my being in shows with them a few years back but for the most part I have no idea who anyone is or what the popular people are wearing, doing or taking photos of at any given time. That does give me a slightly unique outlook on fashion I suppose. I am free to do what I like and not care who made it or if the right people will notice me when i have it on.  I long since gave up on modeling in favor of keeping my red hair that I was always being told to change. I have realized too that while I will always keep designing, that its not likely to become a full time business for me. I am just not that into it. I like to make and wear things that please me and my partner Moz finds attractive.

So, I am a introvert fashion Icon with old shoes…and this is my blog.



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